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For TeachingNational Writing Project
The National Writing Project is the premier effort to improve writing in America. Through its professional development model, NWP builds the leadership, programs, and research needed for teachers to help their students become successful writers and learners.

BWP Library
A variety of useful books about Teacher’s Research, Reading and Writing available for check-out

Web 2.0 Guru
An extensive list of digital technologies with potential classroom applications, by category.

Digital Is: Engaging Young Writers (NWP)
The National Writing Project’s site for digital writing resources.

ReadWriteThink, established in April of 2002, is a partnership between the International Reading Association (IRA), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and the Marco Polo Education Foundation.

BWP Saturday Seminar Resources
Handouts, links, and resources from the BWP Saturday Seminar.

For Writing

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue 
The OWL provides extensive information on writing for academic and professional audiences, including information on rhetorical strategies, professional genres, and documentation styles.
Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing 
Writing Spaces provides free online books and articles for writers and teachers of writing

For Activism and Education Reform

Common Dreams
A national non-profit citizens’ organization founded in 1997 working to bring progressive Americans together to promote progressive visions for America’s future.

Democracy Now!
Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 350 stations in North America. The program is hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez and produced out of the Downtown Community Television Center, a community media center in New York City’s Chinatown.

No Child Left
A publication of FNO Press in Bellingham, Washington. The company specializes in producing books, Web sites and other publications that speak to the challenge of making healthy, sustained improvement in the way students learn and teachers orchestrate that learning.

Rethinking Schools 
A non-profit, independent publisher of educational materials. Rethinking Schools began as a local effort to address problems such as basal readers, standardized testing, and textbook-dominated curriculum. Since its founding in 1986, it has grown into a nationally prominent publisher of educational materials, with subscribers in all 50 states, all 10 Canadian provinces, and many other countries.

Susan Ohanian Speaks Out
Susan Ohanian, a long-time public school teacher, is a freelance writer. In 2003, Ohanian received The National Council of Teachers of English’s “NCTE Orwell Award” for her outstanding contribution to the critical analysis of public discourse. Vermont Society for The Study of Education: A center of education thought and activity with the singular purpose of resolutely advancing that which is in the best interest of children and their education. It was mid-year 2001 when seven educators with over a century and a half of experience gathered to talk about the non-stop national churning over education.


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