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welcome to the BWP Learning Outcomes Log (LOL) repository. feel free to store, read, peruse, comment, learn, or laugh (out loud, if you like). that’s what they’re here for. enjoy.

Borderlands Writing Project

Learning Outcomes Log

We are very interested in getting your sense of your individual progress towards accomplishing the Learning Outcomes listed in the syllabus for the Borderland Writing Project.  Our success as a learning community is directly related to being able to claim and provide evidence that demonstrates that project participants have accomplished the Learning Outcomes.  One way we want to measure your progress is to ask you to completely a weekly Learning Outcomes Log in which you complete a self-assessment of your progress in one of our specific areas of focus: Writing and the Writing Process, Literacy and Reading, and Professional Development.

During each of the weekends when the project is convened, we are asking that you take some time to write about your progress in one of the three major areas of focus.  Given we have three weekends when the project is in session, you will be able to cover each of the areas.  Once you have written a self-assessment if one focus area, you won’t write about it again until the end of the project when you complete the self-assessment for the cover sheets for the final portfolio.

Once you have selected which major area you want to work with that weekend, reflect back on all the activities of the week.  Write a brainstorm list of all the activities that seem relevant to this outcome.  Now, review your list and focus on one that had a very strong impact on your progress toward accomplishing that outcome.  Write a description of the activity.  Describe it in rich detail.

After writing the description, analyze and explain how it helped you to move toward mastery of one of the Learning Outcomes listed in the syllabus under the major focus area you’ve chosen that week.  Provide as much specific detail as you can.  Analyze, explore, and explain how the activity helped you make progress.  What about the activity helped you make real progress, for example, toward understanding the writing process and how to help your students understand the process and become better writers?

Finally, describe how your improved understanding is going to change how you teach or work in the major focus area.  What applications will you develop that enriches and improves your practice in that area?

We consider the Learning Outcomes Log to be an informal reflective activity.  It will culminate in the final summary reflection.

When you have completed the weekly self-assessment, save it as a word document and send it via email to: cburnham@nmsu.edu

Thank you for your help.


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