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To help BWP participants, consultants, board members stay in touch, the directory below is organized by year. If you name and year of participation is missing or incorrect, please notify michael alarid.2009
Ashly Bender – New Mexico State University
Moushumi Biswas – Dona Ana Community College
Bonnie Chapman – Dona Ana Community College
Lynda Garcia – Conlee Elementary School
Beth Kaime – Conlee Elementary School
Mattie Kannard – Jornada Elementary
Chirs Nordquist – Dona Ana Community College
Rebecca Powell – New Mexico State University
Erin Reardon – Dona Ana Community College
Zeta Shearill – Alma D’Arte High School2008
Manuel Crespin
Valerie Dombrowski
Sylvia Gome-Holguin – Mayfield High School
Judith Johnston – Las Cruces High School
Stephanie Navarrete
Dan Peterman – New Mexico State University
Marc Scott – New Mexico State University
Nadya Shalamova – Milwaukee School of Engineering
Kernie Zimmerman – Las Cruces High School2007
Lillian Ciblis – El Paso Community College
Diane Walker – New Mexico State University2006
Allison Conway – Booker T. Washington Elementary School
Anthony Estrada
Katie Goetz – Valley View Elementary School
Diala Hamaidi
Amber Livingston
Efrain Rios
Christie Scott
Sofia Sotelo 
Jamie Baker – Zia Middle School
Rosemany Moreno – Loma Linda ES
Kernie Zimmerman – Las Cruces High School

Connie Copeland – Retired

Vicki Bertolino – Alamogordo HS
Jennifer Terrazas – Conlee Elementary School

Pamela Gardner – Onate High School

Barbara Pearlman – Hot Springs High School

Cathy Boeker – Sierra Middle School

Stacey Somppi – New Mexico State University

Rorie Measure

The following have participated in the BWP; their meeting year of involvement is unknown. If your name is below and you would like your email address to be displayed and listed with a specific year, please contactMarc Scott.

Marcia Anderson
Becky Binkley
Jessica Blanchard
Erma Brooks
Vanessa Bryce
Blanca Campa
Tom Capanna
Melissa Castor
Crystal Cox
Niccie Crespin
Katie An Cyrs
Kathleen Dixon
Donny Duran
Loretta Evans
Sarah Finke
Victoria Flynn
Melissa Galaz
Monica Garcia-Gablitzsch
Lori Glenn
Diane Gottlieb
John Haley
Amy Harvey
Holly Haworth
Violet Hendersen
Bernadette Hernandez
Polly Hirtzel-Ward
Blanca Ibarra-Diaz
Cheryl Ingram
Cindy Iturralde
Mary Keith
Rosemary Marquez
Jennifer Martin
Martha Matthews- Benavidez
Deborah McTeigue
Guadalupe Melendez
Carole Merriman-Carter
Patricia Moore
Vanessa Moore
Carrie Morales
Mostafa Mouheeddine
Roberto Muro
Teresa Naggs
Debbie Pettes
Kathy Porter
Michelle Reyna
Marisela Sanchez
Joshua Silver
Teresa Tellez
Ute Thomas
Terri Threadgill
Flora Tyler
Sofie Vastano
Maria Elena Viramontes
Gayrene Weaver
Karen Weber
Mara Whitmore
Bonnie Wiles
Eurvine Wlliams
Patti Wojahn
Dennis Woodard

Board of Directors
Dr. Chris Burnham
Dr. Chris Burnham, Regents Professor of English, has served at NMSU since 1981. Formerly Department Head and Writing Program Director in the English department, his academic specialties include writing and the teaching of writing, writing across the curriculum, rhetorical theory and the history of rhetoric, the essay as a literary genre, journals and autobiography. For more than 25 years he directed the annual Writing Across the Curriculum at NMSU. His primary pedagogical and scholarly objective is encouraging the ethical and civic development of students and assisting teachers in this same work.From 1981 to 1993, he co-directed the New Mexico State Writing Project, the original NWP site in New Mexico. Returning as Director of BWP has allowed him to continue my most important work, helping teachers and students become better learner and writers.
Barbara Pearlman
I always say that I came to Hillsboro and Truth or Consequences as a kind of mistake but it was really by accident. Born and raised in New York and suburban Long Island, my first life was centered in the arts getting undergraduate and graduate degrees in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography. Seventeen year in Los Angles was grounded in the visual arts, graphic design, art direction and teaching. From 1975 I taught and coordinated the Photography Department for UCLA’s Extension program until I left for El Paso in 1990. My teaching hiatus ended in January of 1992 when, by fortunate accident, I was contacted and asked if I would be willing to teach freshman English at Hot Spring High School mid-term. I now consider my self not only a high school teacher by having found my “home” and part of the community that embraces both TorC and Hillsboro. A MA from NMSU and Middlebury College has made the last 12 years a rich and continually challenging experience. My involvement with Writing Projects began as participant of the 1995 NM State Summer Institute, and continues now as the Associate Director of BWP. My passions are grass roots political and environmental activism, good food and conversation, teaching and learning. I share my heart with David, Ellie, my family and close friends. Contentment has been hard won and remains a work in progress.
michael alarid (connect via LinkedIn!)
i am currently working toward my Doctorate in the Rhetoric and Professional Communication program at NMSU. i participated in the 2012 Summer invitational Institute and have enjoyed continuing my inquiry work and the invaluable connections i established with educators at area schools. i came back to Grad School (and New Mexico) after 6 years in the Human Resources game in the tech and entertainment industries in Los Angeles, CA. i had always known i wanted to teach (it’s where my heart is), it just took me a while to get here. and i missed everything about New Mexico – the skies, the magickal desert, the mountains, the air, the chile. so now i’m back – and this time, it’s personal! i teach classes as a graduate teaching assistant in the English Department, and i enjoy writing about identity, gender, composition, mysteries, witchery, and impossible things. i live, love, and experience every day with new excitement with my girlfriend, Erin, and our cat & dog, Chairman & Kira.

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