Basketball in the Barrio

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“Two blocks from U.S. Mexico border in the Segundo Barrio of El Paso, Texas lies the site of one of the most unique basketball camps in the country. Basketball in the Barrio is a mixed combination of history, culture, literature and arts all blended together at the basketball in the Barrio Camp.

Held each June at the Armijo Community Center, the camp has a strong following of social advocates, ex-pro athletes, artists, musicians and storytellers that journey to El Paso each year for the very special gathering. Founded by AUP’s Rus Bradburd and Steve Yellen, the camp was designed to use basketball as a vehicle to expose youth to the many aspects of their rich Southwest history and culture.

Doug Harris’ AUP Media documentary about the history of Basketball in the Barrio won the “Most Inspirational Film” award at the 2008 U.S. Sports Film Festival in Philadelphia.”

Every year, Borderlands Writing Project alumnus and ex-Director, Dr. Christopher Burnham, michael alarid, Gail Wheeler and colleagues join the fun at Basketball in the Barrio and run the “Education Station” where literacy is the name of the game!

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